Cooking has always been considered a method of civilization. The more advanced human minds became due to evolution, the better were the ways we discovered how to prepare our food. What we eat is what keeps us alive, and that has turned cooking into an essential activity. Modern cooking is more than simply making edible food, it has become a form of art. Professional chefs are highly established and it is an important job in any event or places concerning a number of people. If one machine is to be thanked for the advancement of cooking to the glory that it is now, it has to be the oven. Ovens have made cooking itself much simpler, and with the ability to heat food in a myriad of ways, it opens the possibility of a wide variety of edible items to be properly made. Gas ranges with double ovens are especially extremely helpful, and are advanced versions of the ovens we all know and love. They are among the best things that could be present in a kitchen.

gas ranges with double ovensFeatures
The company GE (short for ‘General Electric’) is a famous name in the line of ovens, so their products can definitely be trusted. The GE PGS950SEFSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Double Oven (Range – Convection) is an amazing example. It defines the new era of cooking that has been bestowed upon us due to modern technology. It comes with a compact sized small oven that is excellent for specified usages, and the double oven range with the double broiler at the bigger parts is perfect for making food for a huge number of people. Instead of the standard sealed power burner, this model comes with tri-ring power burner, and certainly does not contain any lack of external appeal anywhere in its design. It has a sleek and posh outlook which beautifies the environment of a hectic kitchen. The presence of an overhanging cooktop is definitely helpful and the benefits increase with an added warming drawer. It has a reversible cast griddle or grill that allows effortless lifting and moving of the oven body. Also, because most gas ranges with double ovens use conventional baking methods instead of the regular one, food can be warmed relatively faster. As for the doors of the ovens, they are equipped with stylish handles for easy pulling and weight knobs to sustain minimal damage to the hinge. Both the ovens have noteworthy capacity, with the higher and lower ones being 2.5 and 4.3 cubic foot respectively. The most alluring feature of the GE PGS950SEFSS Profile double oven is that it cleans itself, which obviously eliminates a lot of hygiene issues as well as make management of this machine easier.


stainless steelAs far as double ovens go, the GE PGS950SEFSS Profile double oven has received one of the highest numbers of positive responses from users. Stated by most, the best thing about this oven is that it has a combination of so many amazing functions. From conventional baking to tri-ring burner, both the storeys of the device contribute to making cooking easier. Perhaps the true pro here is the size of the entire machine. It fits into small spaces easily, and causes no space problems when being fitted in place. The slide-in installation system, fuel gas usage and manageable dimensions put it first in the list of user-friendly gas ranges with double ovens. Its easiness continues with simple but effective methods of activation, which include glass touch controls, upfront knobs and electric ignition. The deep recessed cooktop is made of stainless steel, with grates of heavy cast iron. The burners can also summon flames of intense temperatures. For example, the all-purpose burner’s maximum limit is 9,100 BTU (British thermal unit), where the center oval and high output burners go over 10,000 BTU. To make the example more understandable, 1 BTU is equal to 1055 joules of energy. Next comes the pros of the ovens themselves, which consist of multiple racks for different simultaneous tasks, with about 13,000 Bake BTU Rating. Purchases do not have any hidden costs and the machine is protected against power surges which ensure functionality even during electricity crises. To allow the users to properly see the food being processed, interior lights are placed inside both the ovens, literally shining an example for future double ovens to follow.

technical issuesThe only blame that can be pinned on regarding the GE PGS950SEFSS Profile is that sometimes, the machine comes disassembled. This leads to a very tedious fix by the customer which turns out to be more complicated than initially expected. GE customer service also is at times unable to respond to calls and thus dedicated users find no pillar to lean on when they face technical issues. The overall structure is also deemed to be quite frail and faulty, as few parts have been reported to be broken after short periods of usage. For example, a customer once complained that the gas leaked from the oven even when it is turned off, and thus caused an unsafe environment in the house.

Final verdict
With five powerful sealed cooktop burners and self-clean ovens, the GE PGS950SEFSS Profile is standalone in the series of gas ranges with double ovens. Propane grill conversion kit is a bonus added with each purchase for those familiarized with the process. However, these are only very few useful features in the sea of possibilities unlocked by this one of a kind gas range with double ovens. Life can seem like a joy to live simply because this machine makes cooking so comfortable. So many pros with more good points at every corner is what makes this double oven device so popular among the users. It leaves behind immensely satisfied customers, which is a lot considering how modern customers tend to complain about the smallest detail. Goes to show further just how much of a masterpiece this model of gas ranges with double ovens truly is.

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